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Most diseases are multifactorial. When I speak about something being multifactorial I mean that there is not one single cause for these disorders. There is also not a single magic cure or pill. Dysfunction most often occurs because of years of nutritional abuse, exposure to environmental toxins and xenobiotics, stress, too much or too little exercise, lack of sleep, genetics, hormonal and emotional imbalance, and deep spiritual wounds that have not yet healed.

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Over many years I have worked with people suffering from all forms of "dis-ease", and have found that in order for an individual to become truly healthy - they need to build a strong foundation beginning with optimal nutrition provided by a natural, organic, whole foods diet that is predominantly plant-based, get appropriate amounts of exercise, participate in occasional fasting and get plenty of restorative sleep and rest. The further humankind has strayed from principles of healthful living, the sicker we have become. Our genes are ancient and the modern environment in which they are bathed is mismatched; creating the epidemic of chronic disease we now see: cancer, heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and autoimmune disease, etc.

Our environment determines how our cells will behave. Our cells make up our tissues, our tissues make up our organs, and our tissues and organs make up our bodies. The state of our health depends not only what we eat, but how and what we think about, what we perceive and believe to be true, how stressed-out we are, how we deal with that stress, how we move, or don't move, our bodies on a daily basis. Disease does not just happen - it is CREATED; however, the good news is that we are not powerless to do something about it - we can choose to OPTIMIZE OUR HEALTH by LIVING HEALTHFULLY. There is no drug, no therapy, no herb, no magic food and no supplement that can create health; only living a health promoting lifestyle creates health!

Rx: Here's a prescription for you that has only good side-effects.

Dose: Watch video one or more times daily. Get up and dance where you are right now! Enjoy.

I am trained to help you discover the cause - not just treat symptoms. I am a doctor, an educator, and a teacher - I will equip you with vital information you need to know so that your body can begin to to get well. Physical symptoms are a wake up call. Consider symptoms a "gift", an instigator for change. Once understood, it now becomes your responsibilty to put this knowledge into practice. It is seldom easy and requires much dedication and faith to follow a path to health - there is not a magic wand that I can wave and make you well. No one can do that for you so don't be fooled into thinking that someone or some product can. Healing is very personal and it's meaning is profound. Healing comes from healthful living.

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